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Gophers Control Force
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Gophers Control Force
San Mateo & Santa Clara Gopher Removal & Control
Gophers can cause numerous and extensive damages to the properties they infest.
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Gophers Control Force
How do we get rid of Gophers?
Gophers should never harm a human directly. The damage from gophers comes from mound systems becoming tripping hazards or slope failure.
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Gophers Control Force
How does trapping Moles work?
You would simple give us a call or an email and one of our technicians will come out to the site and give you a free quote for the service.
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Gophers Control Force
How soon can we work on getting rid of your Voles?
Typically after you reach out and contact Gopher Control Force one of our technicians will call you back within an hour to setup an appointment.

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Gophers Control Force


Your Local Gopher Trapping in San Mateo & Santa Clara

Gopher Control Force specializes in providing San Mateo & Santa Clara counties gopher control services at a fair price. We use a variety of humane trapping methods to ensure your gophers get removed and your lawn gets returned to normal. There are three different species of gophers here in the bay area, but the most common is the pocket gopher. They live most their lives in underground runways that they have dug and love freshly rooted plants as well as other plants that can be found near a building or home.

In time, they may completely destroy small trees and shrubs and will cause extensive damage to flower and vegetable gardens if they are not quickly removed from the property. They can cause damage to underground cables and irrigation systems.

The secret to knowing if you have a gopher problem is by their unique fan-shaped earthen mounds with the burrow entrance plugged with soil.

We are more than just Gophers & Moles

We are a full wildlife removal company

When hiring an animal trapper, you need to make sure the trapper is very well experienced in handling wild animals and studying their behavior. It is also very important that the trapper be supplied with excellent equipment, as being prepared is the most important aspect of proper animal removal. Gopher Control Force is known for immediate response time, professionalism, honesty, and the best prices in San Francisco Bay Area. So whether you are looking for skunk, raccoon, squirrel, opossum removal or yellowjacket wasp removal Gopher Control Force is the right company to call for all of your wildlife removal needs. Gopher Control Force is now offering a full line of pest control solutions. We are no longer just a Gophers or Mole removal company we are a full wildlife removal company.

Signs of Moles in Your Yard

Gophers are renowned for their destructive ability to quickly turn a beautiful lawn into an ugly, torn up, mess complete with piles of dirt and many, many holes. You can try to manage this problem yourself, but this will cause you lots of stress because gopher activity is intermittent at best – they may be gone now, but will be back soon.

The signs of moles in your yard include:


circular, symmetrical dirt mounds on your lawn.

Surface Tunnels

large ridges that moles use to connect their molehills and feed. Mole dig tunnels around 18 hours a day.

Dead patches of grass

only if you see bare patches of grass in addition to molehills and surface tunnels (otherwise it could be another lawn issue).

Squishy grass that pulls up easily

this is a sign of grubs, which moles feed on in addition to earthworms.

Gopher control and removal should be initiated as soon as the animal has been discovered living in this area as Gophers will chew the roots from plants, trees and shrubs thus effectively killing them. Expensive landscaping can be ruined quickly by this very small animal. California is home to the pocket gopher, plains gopher, California pocket gopher, and yellow-faced gopher. They are often called by their first name, the pocket gopher

Gopher Trapping Services in Santa Clara

Gophers Control Force

Gopher Control Force A Bit About Gophers

Pocket gophers excavate long shallow, winding tunnels to obtain roots and tubers. Burrows for nesting and food storage, however, are deep and extensive and are marked by conspicuous mounds of earth near the entrances.

Pocket gophers dig primarily with their front claws and use their front teeth to cut roots and loosen soil or rocks. When moving backward through tunnels, they arch the tail so that its sensitive tip touches the tunnel wall. This allows the pocket gopher to run backward nearly as fast as it can forward.

Occasionally, gophers venture short distances from their burrows to collect succulent herbs, cutting the plants into short pieces and carrying them back in their cheek pouches. Pocket gophers do not hibernate, and stems, roots, and tubers that they hoard in storage chambers enable them to survive the winter. These solitary, pugnacious animals tolerate company only during the breeding season in spring or early summer.

About four weeks after mating, the female produces a litter of two to six, and she cares for her blind, hairless young for about six weeks. Then the offspring begin to develop rapidly, and in several more weeks they leave the mother’s burrow to excavate their own shelters.

Stop the Damage in your property!

Pocket gophers that invade yards are destructive pests. They damage and kill a variety of edible plants when they feed on roots, bulbs and other underground plant tissues. Gophers also gnaw on plastic irrigation lines, and their tunnels divert water intended for plants.
Gopher Control Force

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Gopher Control Force is proud to use humane trapping as our gopher removal technique, and we provide detailed, professional inspections, diagnoses and solutions for gopher removal in homes across San Mateo & Santa Clara Counties.

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